Chapter 1041 Ethan Connor No Longer Exists

Soon, Don returned with some men. Ethan’s face had been so badly burnt, it was no longer recognizable. Since he had the same build as Alejandro, Ethan had hidden his past from the public and undergone numerous plastic surgeries. Appearance-wise, he had practically become Alejandro Smith’s twin. To make his disguise even more convincing, he had destroyed his own fingerprints.

After all that he’d been through, Ethan no longer wanted to fight for anything from Mark anymore. The only regret he had was Tiffany, the girl who had given up everything she had for him. There was nothing that would make him happier than to live with his loved one in peace, so he planned to look for Tiffany the moment he returned, making amends for everything he had done in the past.

Don grabbed his injured leg when he saw that Ethan was silent.

“There’s nothing you can do now. It was Melanie who had been secretly passing you information, am I right? Here I was, trying to get rid of her eyesore, but who would’
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