Chapter 1170 Apprehensive Mary

At the end of the day, Sylvain was a leading fashion designer. They had small talks during the journey that inspired Arianne. In the end, she felt that Sylvain sending her home was not such a bad idea.

Sylvain waved at her when they arrived outside the entrance to Tremont Estate. “See you tomorrow.”

She thanked him and quickly exited the vehicle.

Mary had seen all of this and strode forward with Aristotle in her arms. “Ari, who sent you home? That isn’t Mr. Tremont’s car.”

“A colleague,” Arianne replied casually.

Mary grew increasingly apprehensive. “A colleague? A male? I may not have much experience, but after working for the Tremonts for so many years, I can tell how expensive that car is. What colleague of yours could possibly drive such an expensive car? One look at that color, and you can just tell how unreliable he is. You should avoid him as much as possible. Why is a grown man driving a red car? Mr. Tremont won’t be happy if he finds out about this.”

Only after Mary’s na
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