Chapter 1441 A Sudden Threat

Mark held Arianne by her slender waist and said with a tone brimming jealousy, “If you ever dare talk to another man behind my back again, I’ll make you move from your current desk and sit in my office.”

Arianne wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled provocatively. “You were the one who asked me to learn as much as I can from Sylvain, how am I supposed to learn if I don’t talk to him? Eye contact? When that happened, you think I was seducing him. Relax, Robin’s the one he loves. He was even forced to meet her parents last night. Why did you call me into your office? Could it be… that you’re looking for a good time in your office?”

Mark lowered his head and kissed her lips. “What are you even thinking? You may have the thought in your head, but I haven’t got the time. There’s a parcel that just came for you, I think it’s from your mom. I heard that she came to visit you while I wasn’t around.”

Arianne released her hold on him and walked toward the desk to find a parcel on top of
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