Chapter 1733 Let He Who Merely Plays With The Child Get A Taste Of Child-rearing

“Where are you?”

Alejandro asked to the beep of a terminated call.

Instead of putting down his phone, he simply stayed in his posture, his mind churning unfathomable thoughts.

A while later, he finally put his phone down before gingerly placing Melissa back onto her bed. Perhaps something was wrong with the way he lowered her—either way, the feel of his movement was too dissimilar with Melanie’s that Melissa woke up before screaming for her mommy again.

Alejandro had lost his patience. Exasperated, he decided to let the child bawl and shriek to her heart’s content until Jett, who heard her from outside, knocked on the door. “Mr. Smith? Would you like me to help?”

Alejandro sat on the edge of the bed, defeated. “Yes, just coax her to sleep. I’m done.”

Jett pushed open the door. He adroitly brought Melissa up in his arms before gently rocking her. “Hush, hush. It’s alright, don’t you cry… Mommy will be back very soon.”

Melissa would not listen. She knew her mother was not around.
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