Chapter 133 Tiffany’s First Train Ride

Tomorrow, she would finally get to clear up things with ‘Mr. Sloane’ who sent the letter. Perhaps after that, she would finally be able to sit with Mark and enjoy a peaceful meal together...

After dinner, Arianne strolled around the garden before she went back and laid down in her room. Since the pregnancy made her easily fatigued, Arianne turned in early for the day. The quality of her sleep was better than ever, so she didn’t even realize that Mark had come back and taken a shower. It was only when she stirred awake in the middle of the night that she realized that Mark had been sitting in front of the French window all this while.

“You’re back…?” she asked in a daze.

Mark didn’t respond but she didn’t care. She only wanted to take care of her personal business as quickly as possible so that she could return to her warm blanket.

As she headed toward the door, his cold voice suddenly rang out. “Why did Ethan give you money?”

Arianne stopped in her tracks as her mind suddenly beca
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