Chapter 136 Forced To Take Medicine

“Understood.” Brian noticed Mark’s bad mood and cautiously drove back to Tremont Estate.

When they passed by a drugstore, Mark suddenly spoke up. “Stop the car.”

Brian quickly stepped on the brakes. Mark got out of the car and went into the drugstore. “Bring me some medicines for stomach problems,” he told the staff.

“Is it a gastric or something else? What are the symptoms? Is it for an adult or child?” the staff asked.

Mark frowned slightly. He thought for a moment then replied, “Irregular appetite… Chronic nausea and pale complexion. For an adult.”

Once he was done purchasing the medicine, he went back to the car with a sullen face. Brian didn’t dare to ask any questions. He just stepped on the gas and brought him back to Tremont Estate.

Mark went straight to the bedroom with the medicine. Without looking at the person lying on the bed, he tossed the medicine on the bedside table. “Take the medicine.”

Arianne sat up from the bed, not understanding what trouble Mark was trying
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