Chapter 3 Keeps her safe

The gentlemens code-always protect her.” -unknown

Dominic POV

I felt someone bump into my body and I manage to catch her before her body hit the cold concrete. I was so shocked when I saw her face. It was her; the person that filled my mind with so many questions. We stared at each other under the dim light. My hand was behind her back while her both hands clutched my shirt tightly.

"Hey, what's going on?'' I asked her when I noticed that she looks scared.

"Please, let me go," she said while she released her grip away from me and ready to escape again but I manage to catch her waist and moved her with me to the corner. I leaned her body on the wall and I stood in front of her tried to cover her when I noticed someone called for her name.

We stood close to each other at the corner. I can felt her breath fanning on my neck. I looked down at her face while my hands still on her waist. She tilted her head up and stared at me as she could feel my eyes on her. She buried her face on my chest when she heard footsteps nearby.

"Are you running from that guy?" I asked when the guy ran to the other side and out of our sight.

She keeps silent and avoided to answer my question. "Are you the guy that-"

"Yes, It's me. From the hotel room," I cut her words knowing what was in her mind.

"Thank you," she said and removed my hand from her waist.

"Thank me later. Now, you need to follow me." I said and I gripped her hand walking out from the bar before she could say anything.

I brought her to my car. I helped her to open the door and signaled her to enter.

"Where are we going?"  She looked at me with curious eyes.

"Helping you escape from the guy," I answered her and pushed her body gently to the car seat and buckled the seat belt for her.

"What? No. No. I can't go with you. My friend still waits for me inside. I need to let her know plus I can't leave with a stranger." She tried to unbuckle the seat belt and get out of the car but before she can escape I pushed her body make her stumbled on the seat.

"I'm not a stranger. I know your name, Ara." Her eyebrows arched, shocked that I called her name correctly. Cute. That is the most suitable word that I can use to describe her face. I almost chuckle but I suppressed it.

"Now, listen to me and just follow me. I can ensure that you are safe with me. I will not do anything that harms you. Trust me." Doubt that is all I can see from her face as she tried to push my body away from the car.

"No, I won't follow you," she said while her hand tried harder to push my body that blocked her way out from the car but I did not budge.

"Don’t move or I will kiss you." I lowered my body and made my face leveled to her face. I stared at her face closely and our faces are just a few inches from each other.

"Say one more word and I will kiss you," I warned her when I noticed she tried to utter something. She closed her lips tight. I smiled at her action. She looks cute when she pressed her lips tight to avoid any words coming out or I might add to avoid her pinky lips to be sealed with a kiss.

"Good girl." I ruffled her hair which caused her to groan annoyingly.


In the car

"Can I borrow your phone? I need to make a call to my friend and I forgot my phone in the bar," Ara breaks the silence when she realized that her purse and phone wasn't with her. She must forget to take them when she saw that guy just now. All she can think is to run away from him.

"As you wish," I handed her my phone while my eyes still focusing on the road.

She pressed the screen and placed the phone to her ears.

"Hey, Jess. It's me Ara," she said when the line connected. "I'm safe and I forgot my purse and phone in the bar."

"Oh no, hmmm, yes..this is my friend's number. I will explain to you tomorrow." I silently listen to her conversation and I smile at the word 'friend' that she mentioned.

"So, I guess now we are friends," I said to her when she ended the call and handed the phone to me. I looked at her with a smile curved on my lips.

"Thank you and no. We are not friends," she answered emotionless.

"Not yet but soon," I corrected her and turn my sight back to the road. The phone rang before I took my phone from her.

"Can you please answer for me?" I asked her. She realized that I need to focus while driving so she pressed the answer button with the loudspeaker on and moved the phone near to me.

"Hi, son. Where are you?" The familiar voice on the other line spoke.

"Hi, mom. I'm on my way back to my penthouse. I'm with my girlfriend now." I glanced at her to look at her reaction. She frowned and her jaw hardened. Her lips parted and she looked at me with furious eyes.

"Oh my God. Did you say girlfriend just now?" Mom asked me with excitement. As I expected, she loves the topic. I laughed at her reaction.

"Yes, mom. Girlfriend," I purposely highlighted the last word.

"I will introduce her to you next time. Let me enjoy my time with her now, mom."

"Oh, sure! No problem son. I will not disturb you two for now but please make sure to introduce her to me next time." I can imagine mom's expression even I can't see her face now. We ended the phone with a goodnight.

"Why are you lying to your mom?" She asked me when she ended the call. I chuckled at her words without giving her an answer.

"Where do you want to bring me? Can you drop me somewhere? I can take the cab back to my house."

"Nope, just tell me your home address and I will drive you home." I definitely won't allow her to take the cab alone. It was late at night plus she is so attractive. Someone might do something bad to her. My inner voice convinced me.

"No, I can go back on my own." I can sense her hesitation. Ok, now I know she won't let me know where she stays. I know she doesn't trust me. Smart girl, play safe!

"It's ok if you don't want to tell me your address. I will bring you back to my penthouse. You will stay with me tonight until you tell me where you stay. I will not let you take the cab and don't forget that you don't have any penny with you right now," I said to her and snatched my phone from her hand. I know she might end up calling her friend to take her home. Well, I need to play smarter than her.

"What are you trying to do? I don't want to go to your place." She raised her voice, pissed off

"Do you have a choice? I won't let you go tonight." I said firmly. I had decided to keep her with me tonight. I need to know about the guy in the bar. I know it will not easy to get the answer from her but at least I can keep her safe with me tonight.


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