Chapter 125: Hidden Power

The Orchid Queen smiled wickedly and her eyes brightened as the oniad’s tentacle wrapped around Eldion and rendered him incapable of movement. She waited with anticipation as the oniad lowered Eldion to her level and watched Eldion’s face as he grimaced.

“You fight well!” began the queen, praising Eldion for his valiant efforts against the plants. Then, her expression changed as if remembering something from her past. “It has been a century since I last saw one of your kind and our meeting had not been very pleasant.”

Eldion was confused. “I don’t know what you’re saying. What do you mean one of my kind?” he asked the Orchid Queen. He felt the tentacle tighten around his body and had to stop struggling.

The Orchid Queen seemed taken by surprise at Eldion’s words, but waved her hand in front of her face as if to dismiss it. “I don’t know if you are speaking the truth, but the effects of

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