Twenty Eight

Chapter Twenty Eight 

"It's a tie?!" Shelly asked surprised.

"Oh my freaking bananas! We're tied with The Rivals!" Cindy looked ready to explode as she stared at The smirking face of The Rivals.

"How is this possible?" Kiara asked.

"Don't you get it losers, we won the competition just like you guys," the rivals mom smirked.

"We are going to need to break the tie by another competition," the announcer continued, "your both families will be competiting for the ultimate price."

"What's the competition about?" Laura asked slightly irritated.

"Patience, woman." Luke growled. He was grinding his teeth and seething with rage. He would show The Rivals who the real losers were.

Ace, Chase and Roy watched the scene with a bored expression. The announcer had a way of making things boring before he would break the ice and right now the ice they were waiting for was the type of contest they were going to do to prove that

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