Ch 5: Missing Home, Him

Initially, everything was filled with excitement and curiosity. As time progresses, homesickness struck me. I wanted to return home and to my normal lifestyle.

This life isn't mine.

For the next two weeks, I went to the #1 restaurant of the town and drank. I drank and drank their famous Red Daughter Wine.

I reminisce back to what I saw after I met the imperial military guards. After my encounter with them, my eyes laid on a young lady, who happily
held onto the arms of her mother. They wander around the streets together, purchasing their products.

I thought back to my mother and my father. I wonder how they're doing.

Are they missing me? Have they regret not sending me more money?

Oh, I'm such a bum.

"Miss, you should stop drinking. Your face is flush red!"

I sniff, wiping my eyes. "Mom.. dad.. I want to go home. I don't like this place."

Sure, I might have adequate food and supplies now.. but the missing components are emotional and social support.

Humans are such greedy creatures, aren't they?

"Miss," Xiu Ying gives up trying to convince me. She wipes the tears from my cheeks with a handkerchief.

"Xiu Ying, I just want everything to go back to normal. I want to write again, to see my parents," I sigh heavily. Under my breath, I reek of alcohol. "Do you understand?"

Xiu Ying begins to frown, "Elder Miss, Xiu Ying hates to see you like this. Should I go bring you food rather than wine?"

I shake my head and laugh at myself, "No, no, no. Why don't you bring me a pretty boy, haha!"

She stares at me with her eyes wide open, "Miss.. where do I find a pretty boy?"

I began to blurt out nonsense again, "Xiu Ying.. don't look at me like that. Here, eat some food!" I pick some potatoes from the table of food and lift it up to her mouth. She takes a bite.

The image of the embroidered uniform guard suddenly appears on my mind.

Twenty seven years. And I have been single since birth. Heavens, I haven't even found my fated partner yet and you want to play this game with me?

"I am not satisfied!" I scream across the room, pointing at the ceiling, ultimately the sky.

Suddenly, a knock comes at the door. When Xiu Ying opens the door, it was the waiter who carried the foods to us. "Customers, please keep it down. The customers beside you are complaining about the noise level." Xiu Ying apologizes and concurs to the request. I heard what he said, but Xiu Ying still informs me anyways.

Normally, I would obey the request. But you know what?!

I have crappy parents in this world. I am treated as if I'm invisible in the household. People always make derogatory comments about me. I'm sick of this.

"Cheers to my pitiful self!" I yell and lift up a glass of wine again, giggling afterwards.

Xiu Ying expresses a bitter expression and looks around to see if there's any reaction to my loud voice.

A loud bang occurred at the door!

"We have warned you to keep it down!" Someone enters the room. It is a male; however, his face is blurry. I force myself up and walk towards him.

"What gives you the right to shush me?" I stutter my way out the sentence.

"Our Sir is having a conference next door. Your cacophonous noises are affecting the conversation."

I scoff, "Who wants to start a fight with me?"

Brushing past the man, I walk out my room and open the door to the room on my right. "You?!" I point to the couple. A lady is sitting on a man's lap and they gasp in shock. "Wrong room!" I immediately close the door and stumble across to the room on the left.

The man blocks my entrance, "How dare you try to disrupt-"

Xiu Ying takes me by the hand and try to pull me away from the door. "Miss, I think it's time for us to-"

I smacked them both off and force the door to open. 
The image is clear. The first face my puny eyes see: the masculine yet beautiful face I drooled over before. "You!" I point at him, attempting to cross over to the room.

Unfortunately, I forget to lift my feet up the doorway, accidentally tripping and falling down. And then the world goes blank again and I daze out, like usual.

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