Chapter 33

Faith couldn't stop thinking about what Phil said earlier.

Why did he tell her to watch her back from Anthony? Was he just being vindictive? Faith wondered.

But it didn't make much sense. If Phil was the one who did Anthony wrong, then he should be apologetic, not vindictive. Guess he wasn't a nice man.

But then again, neither was Anthony some days. He was sweet and kind to her but, at the same time, overbearing and controlling. He gave her everything she wanted and more, but at what cost?

She couldn't sit by and wait. She has to ask because she had every right to as his wife.

Time to pay her husband a visit, Faith thought to herself.

She went to the kitchen and prepared to make him lunch. If she was going to interrogate Anthony, the least she could do was to bring him a nice lunch. She didn't want to seem like she was trying to attack him.

She made a sandwich because it was quick and easy and some side salad. Then headed to hi

Angela Lynn Carver

Is Phil a murderer? Or is it Anthony?

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