Chapter 5



The emotions Anthony wasn't familiar with. Not until tonight anyway. But now they overwhelmed him. All thanks to Faith Williams.

He was furious. Furious at himself and angry at her. He never made an impulsive decision like this, but he went through it.

In the morning, he woke up feeling even worse. Why couldn't she tell him she was a virgin? He would've sent her home right away. Stupid woman. He shouldn't have been so rough with her and treated her like shit.

He should've stopped as soon as he realized it was her first time. But he couldn't stop himself and kept going. He didn't feel like himself. He was greedy with lust.

He felt a rush of electricity running through his veins as her core tightly hugged his member. He wanted to feel her more. He felt his pants tighten as he imagined being inside her again. And her scent...

It was sweet, subtle, and beautiful.

"Fuck!" he cursed out loud. He wanted her again.

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