Chapter 11

At the office, she couldn't look at him directly. But this time, it wasn't because he humiliated her. This time, she couldn't look at him without feeling flustered and turning beet red. Her body yearned for him. But he said it was over! She should just get over it. It's not like she can ever get a guy like that anyway.

"Faith, are you alright?" he asked her suddenly when she tried to leave quickly after dropping off some paperwork on his desk.

"Y...yes I'm okay," she said, all red-faced and shy.

"Come here for a second," he ordered.

Faith didn't argue and walked over to him. "Do I make you uncomfortable?" he asked.

" a little...nervous," she tried to control her voice from shaking. Get it together, Faith, she scolded herself in her mind.

Anthony inched closer until their chests were almost touching.

He moved her hair aside and slowly trailed his fingers from her neck to her arm. She shivered.


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