Chapter 14

Faith tried to speak to Mary, but she refused to open her bedroom door. Faith sighed. Why couldn't this girl understand the position she was in? She didn't like to act like her mother any more than Mary did, but she had no choice. Their mother passed away years ago, forcing Faith to take on a mother's role and take care of Mary and her father.

The next day, Mary went to school without telling her goodbye. Faith didn't have the time to argue with her as she was already running late for work.

She was summoned to Anthony's office as soon as she arrived.

Her heart stopped as she saw Diana standing next to Anthony's desk. "Diana! You're back," Faith said.

"Diana will be reclaiming her position, so you are no longer needed as my assistant," Anthony went straight to the point.

Sadness enveloped Faith. Does this mean she won't get to be close to Anthony anymore? Despite everything that has happened between them, she felt a sense of comfort when he was near

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