Chapter 216: Grindr Account


"Drew's death is now all over the news, Ashton. It's just a matter of time before the police get here and issue an arrest warrant to you." Zuck said to me and laid the newspaper that he was reading on the table, I just raised my brows at him when I saw the photograph of Drew's lifeless body printed below the headline of the newspaper, besides the photo were the theories on how he possibly died in the woods.

"If I got jailed then that only means you can't fuck me anymore, not unless you come with me to jail," I replied causing him to laugh at me.

"Ah, no thanks, I'll just wait for the President to give you a parole," Zuck said jokingly as he sat down on the chair opposite to where I am sitting.

"You'll be waiting in vain, Zuck," I responded and sipped my coffee.

"Ha! Thank goodness and I have everything under control, what would you do without me, you amateur assassin?" Zuck said before he started eating, I just raised an eyebrow at him,

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