Chapter 217: Uno's Trickery


After about half an hour of driving, I finally reached Uno's house, it is a huge and three-storey house. I immediately got out of my car and went to the front gate, I did not bother to reply to Uno's last message and I just rang the doorbell. After a while, the door opens and I saw Uno comes out from the house smiling sweetly at me, he was not wearing a top which I think he did purposely to flaunt in front of me his muscular body.

"Come in, Ashton," Uno said to me after he opened the gate, he even put his arm around my shoulder as we walked inside his house.

After closing the door, Uno suddenly pushed me against the wall and I just gasped when he suddenly pressed a kiss to my lips, to which I immediately responded. Uno and I keep on kissing as he guided me to the second floor of their house, a few minutes later, I just found myself lying on the soft mattress with Uno on top of me.

Shit! I’m sure Zuck will fucking kill me when he finds out that

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