Chapter 13: A Little Tease


"Sir, Ms. Anna Bud said she will not renew her contract, all our bestseller writers decided not to renew their contract so that means we can no longer reprint our best selling novels since we don't own the copyright of their books. What are we going to do sir? We have contacted freelance writers but most of their stories are still unfinished. Most of our author moved to another publishing company." I froze for a moment upon hearing what Liza—my secretary, told me. I let out a long sigh of despair. I couldn't help but be anxious about my company's state, I'm at a point where I no longer knew what to do. Those motherfucker writers didn't even know how to be grateful if it were not for my company they wouldn't be able to publish their novels and they wouldn't be a best-selling author. I even gave them too many opportunities by not claiming the copyrights of their books and an increase of royalties every time their books make it to the list of monthly best selling books on any national
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Thank you. ...️
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Devo Parker
This hit home so hard 😢 , people actually want to feel this one day at least

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