Chapter 7

The Bentley soon arrived at Riverdale Virtuous Court. This was a famous restaurant in the city where only the wealthy and prestigious could dine. Virtuous Court also required a membership reservation where the minimum requirement was to spend at least one million to keep the membership.

At that moment, standing at the entrance of Virtuous Court was a well-known entrepreneur. The chairman of Civil Trading Group, Russell Field. The company specialized in import and export business, mainly dealing with artistic pieces. As the company chairman, Russell himself was a wealthy man worth three billion! He was also a nationally famous collector! A well-known figure within the local collector’s community.

Russell had brought more than ten personnel from his highest management to wait respectfully at the entrance of Virtuous Court with him. This scene caused quite a shock to the patrons dining at the restaurant. There were even bursts of exclamation.

“Isn’t that the chairman of Civil Trading Group, Russell Field? Who is he waiting for with this extravagant display?”

“What a rare sight! A billionaire like Russell is waiting so humbly at the door or Virtuous Court.”

“Is there a prominent figure coming? Whoever it is, they must not be from Riverdale.”

The moment Philip saw a crowd of well-dressed elites waiting at the entrance of Virtuous Court, he frowned inside the Bentley. “Didn’t I say to keep a low profile? What’s with this extravagant display?”

George smiled sheepishly. “Young Master, President Field must have wanted to give you a surprise.”

“Surprise my foot! I don’t like it,” said Philip coldly. “Head to the parking lot and inform your friend to meet us in private.”

“Understood, Young Master.” George nodded.

The car drove away into the parking area.

Russell had been standing tall in front of Virtuous Court as he was patiently waiting for the guest of honor today. He had gone to shamelessly beg his friend for this opportunity.

Standing beside him was his son, Tyler Field. The young man had his hands stuffed in his pockets as he spoke, sounding displeased, “Dad, just who are we waiting for? Aren’t they too arrogant? It’s already been twenty minutes.”

Russell shot a sideways glare at Tyler and said in a hushed voice, “Behave yourself. If they show up and you make a mistake, just see how I’ll take care of you later.”

Tyler let out a disgruntled snort, feeling more upset. He had already made plans with his friends to go clubbing, but his old father had dragged him over to meet some big-shot investor. However, there was not a shadow of the person even after this grand display.

Just then, Russell received a phone call and then solemnly turned around. “Alright, everyone, let’s go inside. They are already here.”

Already here? Many of them were confused but mostly annoyed.

Tyler was more furious. He grumbled under his breath, “What the f*ck? Who is this person? I’ve waited for a whole day now, but I didn’t even catch a glimpse of them.” However, he did not dare say anything in front of his father, so he could only sulk and follow Russell into the restaurant.

Once Russell received the phone call, he took his son along and hastened to the private room in a corner.

The moment the door was pushed open, Tyler saw two people standing inside, but his gaze fell on Philip.

The f*ck? Is this that big-shot investor? Dad can’t be this blind, can he? Which part of this guy looks sophisticated? He looks like a migrant worker in the streets.

Tyler could not resist a snigger as his dissatisfaction grew. It was thanks to this guy that he could not go out and have fun.

Instead, Russell had reached out with both his hands and a face full of smiles as he went toward George, who was standing with a walking stick.

“President Thomas, you’re finally here.”

George smiled and nodded, extending only one hand for the other man to shake.

Russell’s gaze then turned to the young man standing beside George. “This is…?”

“This is my young master, Young Master Clarke. He’s also the investor this time around.” George introduced with a smile.

Young… Young Master? George Thomas, President George’s young master?!

Russell was a company president, and he was worth three billion. He was also a prominent figure in Riverdale City. Although he could not compare to George, who was worth more than ten billion, he was at least acquainted with the world.

It was said that George Thomas came from working for a hidden wealthy family. And that family was in control of more than half of the world’s assets. That must mean that the young master of this family was of a fearsome existence! He had to be very cautious.

At the thought of this, Russell held out his hands in great trepidation. “This humble servant, Russell Field, has been too dense to recognize Young Master Clarke. I hope that Young Master Clarke can forgive me.”

Philip nodded faintly and shook his hand before saying, “President Field, I still have some things to take care of, so let’s make this quick. I heard from ol’ George that your company requires financing. Give me a figure.”

Russell glanced at George, but he realized the latter had been resting his eyes. Russell then said, “Young Master Clarke, our company is preparing to open up the art pieces market to international countries. The channel sales in America and Italy have been doing extremely well, so as an estimation, we would require one billion in financing as an estimation. Please don’t worry. We will give you 25% of the shares and a bonus at the end of the year.”

One billion was not a very small amount. Even if Russell was worth three billion, he dared not gamble away his one billion.

“One billion…” Philip mumbled, frowning slightly as he seemed to be in deep thought.

This made Russell anxious on the inside. To ask for one billion at the start was a little too much. Other than Apex Group, there might not be another person in Riverdale City capable of helping.

However, Philip’s next words stunned Russell for the longest time. Even Tyler who had been looking down on Philip ever since he entered the room was shocked!

“I’ll invest two billion, but I want 40% of the shares.” Philip smiled like he was merely talking about numbers.

Two billion? Was this a dream? Russell felt like he was being watched over by Lady Luck. What a surprise this was!

His company assets only amounted to a little over three billion, but they had easily offered to invest two billion dollars! Scary! This was too terrifying! Was this the financial power of the hidden elite?

40% of the shares were still an acceptable condition for Russell. “Young Master Clarke, are you sure you want to invest two billion?” Russell was barely able to speak from the excitement, but he still calmed himself down immediately to ask.

“Too little? I can add a bit more,” said Philip casually.

A... a little more?!

Russell could barely stand straight now. He quickly answered, “No, no, two billion is enough.”

It had to be enough. With these two billion, Russell had full confidence that he could conquer both the American and Italian markets. By then, his own company would be able to go up to over ten billion!

Russell then got his secretary to hurry in with an exquisite long box in hand. Russell took out a scroll from the box, unrolled it, and smiled. “Young Master Clarke, this is an authentic painting by the famous Tang Bohu of China. I’ve kept it for many years now, and today I’d like to present it to you as a token of my appreciation.”

As a famous art collector within the country, the paintings Russell gifted were naturally authentic! In the market, an original Tang Bohu painting could go up to over ten million in worth!

However, for Russell, in comparison to Philip’s investment, this painting was worth nothing.

Philip merely glanced at it and nodded. “You have my thanks, President Field.” He then held the rolled-up painting under his arm and left the private room with George.

The moment they exited the room, Philip saw a middle-aged man donned in a full suit coming over with a smile on his face. “Young Master Clarke, please wait. I am the owner of Virtuous Court, Javier Morris.”

Both Philip and George stopped in their tracks, looking at the middle-aged man in confusion.

When Javier saw George standing behind Philip, he felt a huge shock! It was true! President Field had been right! The young man who could have the wealthiest man in the city stand beside him was indeed extraordinary.

“Young Master Clarke, President Thomas, I didn’t know that both of you were coming, so I have failed to welcome you. This is the platinum VIP membership card of Virtuous Court. If Young Master Clarke doesn’t mind, please take this,” said Javier. He was set on making Philip’s acquaintance tonight!

Philip looked at Javier briefly before taking the membership card and said in a casual tone, “Thanks.”

After that, he shuffled his feet to start walking again, leaving the rest to ol’ George to take care of.

George waited for a bit before saying to Javier, “Mr. Morris, my young master doesn’t like to be too conspicuous. If anybody asks…”

“Understood, understood! President Thomas, please don’t worry. No other soul besides me will know of Young Master Clarke’s identity.” Javier immediately guaranteed.

Back to Philip. Once he left Virtuous Court, he did not choose to ride inside George’s Bentley but was about to rent a bicycle. However, the moment he stepped out of the door, he coincidentally ran into Wynn Johnston!

Shit! How was he going to explain meeting her here?

“Philip, what are you doing here?” Wynn was leading a group of well-dressed men and women as they appeared at Virtuous Court.

As she was staring suspiciously at Philip, the latter quickly explained in panic, “I’m here for a delivery.”

Delivery? Food delivery to a restaurant?

Wynn frowned slightly, her expression cold. She was starting to get irritated when she saw his weak appearance. What made her even more anxious was letting her colleagues see Philip.

However, a hostile male voice suddenly spoke up at this moment. “Deputy Manager Johnston, is this delivery man the husband of yours? He looks only so-so. As expected of a kept man.”
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