Chapter 10

I walked into the mansion, standing awkwardly at the entrance, the lady looks at me "come in miss" She says, still smiling at me and i walked in fully to the house

*I was busy admiring the outdoor, inside the house was magnificent and so much more beautiful, definitely more beautiful than the outside *

Okay this man has really good taste, everything in here was exquisite 

"Sorry, please where is my room?!" I asked her and she gestures for me to follow her, we walk upstairs to the hallway *Rich people really do live rich*

She opens a door "This is your room ma'am, please call me if you need anything " she says and i nod

"Thank you" I entered the room and closed the door 

*didn't i tell you this is a castle, my room looked like it was meant for a princess, never in my 22years of living have i ever though i would be somewhere like this*

I dropped my bag on the bed and checked Around the room, I couldn't sit on the bed for fear

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