Chapter 13

Carlos came to pick me up from the hospital, The man didn't like to talk much, I git into the car and he got in right after me and starts driving, My mind wandered back to when June thought he did not like her, a faint smile appeared on my face as I remembered what had happened 

"We are here miss!!" Carlos said and I looked up to see the Mansion, I scurried out of the car and walked towards the house, I pressed the doorbell and Amanda opened it, A light smile appeared on her face and I smiled back at her

"Is he around?" I asked and she shook her head, I breathed a sigh of relief and walked past her into the house. An amazing smell hits me as soon as I stepped into the house and I stop abruptly "what's that?" I asked no one in particular but turned to look at Amanda who was looking at me confused 

"what do you mean miss?" She asked me and I sniffed the air again and she starts to laugh

"It's probably dinner miss," She says and I beam with joy


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There the asshole is back

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