Chapter 81

A few days have passed since the Isabelle incident and Chris and I are doing better, Well mostly Chris! I  could hardly sleep because of the trauma! I keep imagining things everywhere and it hasn't been easy to keep this to myself, We were both getting discharged today and I'm glad I can finally leave the hospital 

I need some peace and quiet, without the world noise constantly getting to me Nor the stress I always have to put up with, I needed to get away from NY at any cost, Although I knew Chris wouldn't allow it but I have to find myself, I feel like with all the Chaos that had happened I need to find and regain myself, I didn't usually sleep with my eyes open but now that is like the normal way for me! 

Isabelle has striken awake a part of me that I never thought existed and that was the fear part, I hated feeling so weak and vulnerable but I can't help it if that's how i felt, Constantly watching over my back so I don't get shot or stabbed, I didn't
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