Chapter 86

Aubrey's Pov

1 Year After

"Aubs, you need to calm down" Amanda says and I looked at her "Calm down! Calm down! We aren't even done with the decorations yet, how do you expect me to calm down?" I said and shut my eyes closed, I was really fustrated at this point that I didn't know what to do. My phone starts to ring and I picked it without checking the ID "What!!" I bellowed into the phone and heard a deep chuckle "You might want to rethink that help I offered" Chris says and I groaned internally "Fine, do your magic!" I say sarcastically and sat down looking at the mess that was made, Amanda was no where in sight after I yelled at her already but I mean, can you blame me ? My restaurant opening is tomorrow and I haven't even gotten half of anything done, Now I know you are surprised to hear Resturant and not a Coffee shop but I guess changes are part of life.

I changed my mind from a Coffee shop and decided to open a restaurant, Amanda has been hired as the chef even though I was agai
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Dora Lanks
lovely story
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Joan Amor
tnx author for the wonderful story

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