Episode 1126

One thing that people can visibly notice once they look and observed the Refugees that comes into the Aeternum Fortress, is that, their appearance is definitely not stating that every single Refugees here is actually a refugees, because for one, all of them were neatly dressed, and on top of that very clean and also presentable. To the foreigners that first lays eyes on the Refugees is that all of them is a rather well lived commoners. This one of the fact, that made Aeternum Refugees that stayed in the Refugee Camps have their own self worth and dignity. The reason as to why all of them looks presentable, is also thanks to Aeternum Refugees aid systems.

As the teaching of Aeternum Temple that encourage donations, as the result is that, a lot of Aeternums has donated their clothing. Naturally, Aeternum made clothing items, is all high quality and fashionable and looked good. It is vastly different with the fashion and the qualities that all the Central Continent clothing. But at the s
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