Episode 1127

Only Aeternum knows just how scary and also effective the government were. Why because there is almost nothing that the government doesn’t know. These fact is also why Aeternums never really goes into crimes, because the Aeternum government can easily finds ou about their hidden scheme. Little that everyone knows, it wasn’t because Aeternum Government employees were competent. But these is all possible thanks to Aeternum largest and most powerful Artificial Intelligence that oversees the entire Aeternums.

Naturally such hidden things were never known to public. And the same hidden entity is naturally overseeing the entire immigration process from the start to finish. And each times a refugee, registered themselves into the database, from the retina scans, the thumbprint documentations. At that point, T.A.S systems already used a skill on them, More specifically, it the skills that is undetectable nor untraceable. A legendary Skills that were carbon copied by President Mies himself, Th
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