Episode 1254

With the end of the President Mies opening speech the International Allied Conference has started, and just like what he said, the meeting Is actually being aired live to all the Capital city of all allies country via a large holographic devices. Aeternum has fly over to all the capital city a few days before and installed all the holographic device at the city centers of all the allied capital city. And at all times all the allied royalty were tasked to guarded the holographic devise that were installed in the middle of the city. So with Aeternum Airship hovering on top of the capital city and paired with a lot of soldiers and knights guarding the city centers.

Everyone were intrigued and curious about what is happening. So naturally everyone started to asked questions to those that were in powers and comes to learned that their Kings and Queen is about to have an important meeting in Aeternum and all of them can see the content of the meeting as it happened. At first it causes a lot
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