Episode 1260

Whilst the crowds are getting rowdier and angrier, the Generals and the nobles of Dukedom of Angela that were also witnessing the broadcast and were watching over the crowds. They too felt that if these situations continues for a long time, there is probability that things might become awry for everyone. And it has been a long time since they all have seen that the Dukedom of Angela people these upsets. Seeing these happening, one of the Royal Knight captain,went on to the castle balcony that overlooked the capital city centers and consult with the Dukedom twin princess.

“Umm..Princess Alfina…Princess Elfina…I think we should called her majesty the queen or the crown princess about these situations…I’m afraid things might go these continues…”.(Royal Knight Captain)

“SHUT IT!!…I can’t believe these is happening!..sister! mother and elder sister…if they don’t say yes then we can’t eat crabs and prawns anymore at these point!..hurry!..”. (Princess Elfina)

“Alright sister!..
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