Good Old Days

Lizben Schools, Four years Ago

It was the month of July, 2014 Lizben schools had just vacated for the third term of the 2013/2014 academic session. It was a day after the end of the session party. She was seated in the classroom with her best friend.

“AY, has your dad arrived?” a girl, standing adjacent to where Ayo sat, asked.

“My dad? Are you sleeping?” Ayo replied, sarcastically. “Have you forgotten he travelled out of the country?”

“Oh! I forgot.” The girl covered her mouth with her palms. “I hope your mum is coming then.”

“I don’t know. She promised to be here by 10 and” – she glanced at her wristwatch – “it’s now quarter to 11. She’s still not here.”

“She would come, maybe it's traffic.”

“What about your parents?”

“My daddy is here already. He’s currently in the headmistress office.”

Ayo looked down at her feet. “I wish my dad would just appear.”

“It’s not only appear. It’s disappear!”

“You know what I mean Anu,

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