“I’m so glad you’re okay, babe,” he mumbles into my hair and hugs me harder. There is so much comfort warm in his arm.

I chuckle happily, and hug him tightly as well “Me too Levi, me too.” I reply, my hands rubbing his back slowly and he seems to relax even more at my touch.

It’s been under twenty-four hours since we last saw each other and it already feels like forever and I don’t want to lose it again.

He let go of me and takes my lips into his and kisses me deeply and desperately, and I kiss back giving as much as I am receiving. I wrap my arms around his neck and pulling him even closer to me. His arms pull me tighter against his body and I lean more into him as I let him take control of the kiss, accepting his tongue into my mouth.

We pull away, trying to catch our breaths, and I bite down slowly on my lips, trying to control the feelings running through me as my eyes open to look at him

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