Levi walks over to me smiling happily and pulls me to himself and before I can say anything he kisses me softly on the lips and I melt into that kiss, only pulling away when I realise we are still in public.

“We need to leave here so we won’t attract attention,” I tell him and he nods happily and takes my hand.

He’s barely able to keep his eyes and hands off me all the while we drove over to his apartment, and it is almost the same with me. “You look really beautiful, Vary,” he says to me, as he opens the door to his apartment and ushers me inside.

“Thank you,” I reply and walk in and he closes the door. I turn to him with a sceptical look before asking, “How did Keenan reach you?”

He looks a little lost and taken back in thoughts, “He came to my gym yesterday and he forcefully made me hear him out and I’m glad I did.”

He goes into the kitchen, and kicks off my black heels and I follow behind him. He opens the fridge and

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