[ Chapter 7 ]

▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ [ Chapter 7: Fiction ] ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

[Morning Breaks]

When their professor walked away the 5 girls reunited again. They stood in Leah’s seat surrounding her to not escape.

: So what is it?

One of the girls called.

: Yes tell me!

: Leah!

: Tell me too.

Everyone voiced out. They wanted to know Leah’s new trouble.

Leah was a problematic child. As always, Leah was spoiled by her brother and her friends. She grew up without caring about what’s seems wrong or right.

[In short, Leah is innocent]

Ji Min-hye, So Ole, Shin Nami, and Gu Hae-yan. These four girls surrounded her.

These are Leah's friends. They lived differently and eat differently. In fact, Leah was the simplest of them all. These four girls have different standings in life and experiences but they stood all days together with Leah, no matter what pain and problems.

[Comforting her and making her happy.]

: My Leah!

It was a cute voice.

[Ole So]

She is a very obsessed girl.  She didn’t lack anything but wants to be loved and spoiled too.

[One of the great descendant of billionaire father’s daughter, Ole Su]

She dislikes hate and pain. Leah and the girls always think before they speak or give a call.

[A sensitive creature]

She would either cry or weep for the whole day. She wouldn’t talk or smile. She is Leah Su first best friend, Ole Su.

When Leah looked at her face she wore a dimple, she is cute with her short black hair and cute nose. 

Leah stared at Ole while she gives a smile.

: So what is this paper all about?

: Tell us, Leah!

It was a loud voice with a definite tone.

[ Ji Min-hye ]

That person is Leah's big sister, Ji Min-hye. In fact they bore the same age but Ji is taller among them. She always acts as the big sister.

[A fighter]

She is the first person who will stand up for Leah’s mistake. She couldn’t stand seeing Leah getting hurt just like Leah’s brother, Lance. She wore a cheerful smile and vibes that can make the whole group happy. She is Leah Su last best friend.

Then Leah looked at her with a worried face.

: I am sorry, big sister Ji.

Leah replied to her.

She was called as Ji because of her name, Min-hye Ji just like Hae-yan Gu.

Leah with a troubled face looked at them.

: Well... you're all wrong.

: I just wanted to say that our new transfer guy is real!

Leah said with a hint of excitement.

: What do you mean, Leah?

Gu asked her.

: Did you remember remember our thesis?

Leah asked.

: Ah!

The four girls shrieked at her call.

: Uhmm, is there something wrong?

Leah called them again. She was confused by their expressions. 

: So what kind of thesis do you mean?

Gu asked her.

Of course, the rest of the girls are expecting Gu to speak. Gu is one of the brightest student in their department.

: So where are we? Can you elaborate in details?

Gu asked her. She wanted to fix the problem.

Then Leah looked at them.

: Come here closer.

Leah talked to them secretly. She doesn’t want anyone to hear it, because that fictional guy is here.

[Jin Park]

: So, that's all.

Leah explained everything to them. But not at all, Leah told something except the crying scene, hugging scene and the book details. Leah just told them that Jin Park is a fiction character from the book she read. They wanted to expect something but Leah is sure crazy.

: I don't trust you, Leah.

Gu said. She doesn’t believe Leah’s ideals about this foretold fiction. She hates fiction the most.

: Me too.

: I am too.

: I guess I am?

Ji was the last to speak.

This is crazy for them to think that a character will pop out like magic and this guy is in front of them.

They looked at the new transfer guy but he is sleeping.

Everyone distrusted her because of one reason. Leah is the cause of problem. She always makes problems every day and they always helped her.

: Please eat 3 times a day, Leah.

Nami said with a victorious smile. She didn’t expect this turn of events will be her last laugh.

: Yeah...

: My...

: You may have read too much.

Everyone gave their most soothing advice.

: But girls ---

Leah said as she opens her bag. Leah wanted to see it for them. She wanted to prove them that she is not lying.

: Stop it, Leah.

Gu said as she stopped her.

: OK.

Leah said as she wore a sad face.

Ji and Ole can only accept this time.

: Leah is sure spoiled.

The two thought that out.

Then the girls walked away except Nami.

Leah sat back at her seat with no resentment. She just wanted to tell them but how come? They wouldn’t believe her because fictional are fictions.

: Of course they won't believe me. How come a character would really appear?

: Aren’t they called fiction, right?

Leah also thought of this. She believes it was true but her heart was left unanswered, clueless and troubled about this mystery.


: Maybe it's not true? I'm sorry. I'm sorry; it's my fault to tell this kind of thing. Okay?

Leah replied to herself that she was wrong. Then looked at her friends and smiled.

The girls saw her smiles. That made them sighed and happy.

: Yes, you will never do that again.

Thought Gu, Ji, Ole and Nami from their seat.

However, Nami felt wrong.

: I am sorry, Leah.

Nami said to her as her deep resentment faded.

: I am sorry too.

Leah said and looked at their clumsy face.

: Ha ha ha...

The girls laughed together.

Leah looked back at former guy who named Park Jin. It was embarrassing to her part. She mistook him for someone as the fictional character named Park Jin also.

: I hugged him in the station!

Leah blushed while thinking about this.

: Ting! Ting!! Ting!!!

The bell rang.

: Leah!

Ji called her. It was because of 20 minute breaks. They wanted to buy some food at the cafeteria.

: Yes, I am coming!

Leah said. The stood up and ran to them.


[A restaurant made for any person who wanted to dine in or eat something. Good food is being serve and more delicacies.]

As they went to the cafeteria each of them wore a smile, except Ole So and Leah Su.

They both looked at each other and made a stone, paper and scissor play.

Leah readied herself to face Ole with her fast hands.

[Ole vs. Leah]

Winner: Leah

: I win!

Leah shouted in joy. She won at Ole’s fast hands. It was a five out of five win. For those who get five wins consecutively, that person will be considered as the winner.

: You cheated Leah!

Ole pouted. She wore again her puppy eyes.

: He he he.

Leah grinned about this Ole problem.

[She is very cute]

: What about this, both of you will pay half for each food.

Gu said to the both of them. She always solved the problem for them.

But one of these girls wore an irritating face.

: Can you just give me the money!

: Can you not play! I am hungry.

Nami said with annoyed look.

Nami Shin lived frugal because she doesn’t have anyone. She has no money and shelter to live before. Until she met Leah, Gu and Ole, her life change since then. In short, Nami lived alone since she was a kid.

[Nami is an Orphan]

Nami relied to Leah and Ole as always. However, Nami worked as a working student in school. That lessens her friend’s burden about her. She also doesn’t want to rely to them to much especially to Gu.

Then everyone bought their own food. Ole bought many foods like burgers; ham cheese burger is her favorite. They also bought some drinks.

However, Gu differed among them. She is a vegetarian. She doesn’t like to eat junk foods and unhealthy foods. She has a healthy diet.

There’s nothing more to expect about Leah trays. She bought donuts especially the Ube flavored one. Her drinks are made of Ube too.


[ Ube is a root crop. It can't be easily bought in the market because it is harvested once a year or more. Ube is another term for violet. Not all Ube's are violet. Some are coloured in white. Ube can be served when boiled or as long as you cooked it longer than 30 minutes or more. Ube usually used as a flavoring, and other purposes like making cakes and other delicacies. It can be also processed as a special flour.]

Ji just ordered a normal food. A burger and a milk.

▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ [ Chapter 7: End ] ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

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