[ Chapter 82 ]

[ Chapter 82 ]

Lewis and Jin room their stance. They knew they can do it if they kick the glass one more time. 

“Let’s do it.” They both said. 

“Crack—” It sounded. It can’t be just a big crack but a shattering mirror. 

“We did it!” The two boys applauded with a high five. 

“Hehe...” They awkwardly smiled when the girls saw them funny.

“Let’s go?” Jin asked. 

“Yes.” They all responded. 

Then everyone went out of the broken glass. A new light entangled them. It was not that bright but a good light to make them happy. 

“Yeah!” They shouted. At last, they found what freedom is.

Under the tower, or so in the underground, a man failed to see what was happening. 

“It can’t be! The fluid just... “ He was so depressed. The feeling of loss from the kids makes him angry

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