One Night With The Prince
One Night With The Prince
Author: San_2045
Copyright and Introduction

All the characters, places, ideas or events mentioned in this book are purely fiction and does not relate to any living or dead. All the story settings and other elements are purely my imagination and fictional. If you see any resemblance they are unintentional.


  The story contains dark and mature themes such as violence, sex, so if you are uncomfortable with such topic please refrain from reading.


  Stealing of my work/any idea will serve you severe punishment as plagiarism is a serious crime. 


  All rights reserved

  San 2045




“I’m confused,” Jane said. “Actually I’m very confused.”

Tristan gave her a bored look, “About what?”

“What just happened upstairs? Did you forget that you just told your mother- I mean Your Highness that we are dating? Because the last time I checked, we spent one night together?! Are you crazy?”

“It’s really not that complicated,” Tristan turned towards her, a determined look in his eyes. “We will date for a while. I mean fake date for a while so that my mother and the media can get off our back. No big deal. It’s not like you have a boyfriend or anything. Why are you worried?”

Jane wanted to kill him and wipe that lazy smirk off his face. But he was royalty, and she would pretty much be hung for that. It was not worth it. 



Jane Rosetti is an exchange medical student in Walsh, new to almost working. To pay off her student loans, she’s working as a bartender in a high-end club where she meets Tristan. At first, she’s incredibly taken by his good looks and thick accent. She has no idea about his real identity, which doesn’t matter as they end up in bed together.

Prince Tristan of Walsh has finally returned to his hometown after two years. As he’s been very secretive, everyone wants exclusive about him. So when he’s exiting Jane’s apartment, he’s captured half-naked with her panties on his sleeve. 

Both of them are photographer together, and that’s when Jane’s troubles start. Right after her one night with the Prince.


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