Sorry for not introducing myself earlier on. 

You can call me “The Diwata”. It’s our local term for a Fairy Enchantress. Try to imagine me as a full-grown woman, but I’m actually a Fairy. So no, I do not look anything like Disney’s Tinkerbell. I will be your storyteller in all the stories in the book.

And just like everything you read here, it’s up to you to decide which is real, and which is not…

That includes me.

Today, let's continue Nikki's story told through the eyes of another student who is close to my heart. 


Have you ever felt like you’re awake but you’re still dreaming, or you’re asleep but you don’t know if you’re dreaming? That’s what Nikki felt for the next few days.

When she was asleep, she would see the child. When she was awake, she would still see her. And it was always under a tree. HELLO! You’re in UP Diliman! Where can you go there without trees?

(Just to clarify, dear reader, the said University of the Philippines (UP) in Diliman, Quezon City has vast acres of land and most of those areas are still teeming with Mother's Nature's handiwork. These include grass, herbs, shrubs, bushes, streams, and numerous trees...)

And in all those moments, she didn’t look at the child at all. That’s because she felt like she was drowning in the girl’s blue eyes. Even more so now that she’s worn out from staying up late while being terrorized. She felt like wanting to say yes to the child’s request just to end it all. She didn’t even have anyone to go for advice. After all, none of her friends or family might believe her…

Well, guess what… the only one she told her story to and believed her is me.

“You know girl, the solution to that is to give your life to God. As in all of it! Like your dreams, the mistakes that you’ve made, and the good deeds that you’ve done… ALL OF IT! It’s like a wedding. Is it even okay to only have one person saying ‘I do’ and then giving a ring? Both people being wed should have a ring and say ‘I do!’ to each other. And when you’ve given your life to Him, it can’t be taken anymore by those pesky engkantos! You can refuse them now!”

“So I pray to God that I would give my life to Him so that no one will be able to take it?”

“Exactly! The bonus there is all you have to do after that is trust in Him because He has your life in His hands.”

(Ahem… I think I got carried away. So, let’s get back to the story.)

And this is what Nikki’s story became after that conversation:


From Nikki's journal:

I “dreamed” again but now, I can look at the child eye to eye. I’m not afraid of her or her stare that made me feel like drowning anymore. She asked again if I’ll be going with them and I said that I will definitely not, and that’s my final answer. She looked at me for a long time, not saying anything. A few minutes passed, and she offered me a deal.

“If it’s your mother you’re thinking about, we know a lot of hidden treasure that we can dig up. Let’s give that to her.”

I shook my head.

“Sorry, even my mom will refuse to take that. And I don’t really want to go. That’s final. You can’t scare me or force me.”

The answer of the child sounded sad, “Yeah. I can’t. But if you agree…”

“Sorry, no. I won’t change my mind.”

The child now looked to a faraway place. “Okay. Goodbye, Nikki. Thank you for everything then.”

And I woke up feeling lighter. I didn’t see or dream about them anymore. I really thank God because I will never again be afraid of trees or going to sleep.


I couldn’t tell the story of Nikki’s experience to just anyone because a lot of people say that maybe it was all just a dream and that it was just the imagination of a girl who wanted to just go along with a fad. But in the end, I am sharing it here because there really are things in this world that cannot be explained away as dreams or figments of the imagination. 

Who knows, there may be people like Nikki out there who are reading this and couldn’t talk about the unexplainable events in their lives. After all, they could just be ignored or laughed at. Or even be told that it's all in their heads. 

If you’re one of those people, just remember that nothing can defeat God when He is the one in control of your life. And there is always someone who will believe you. That’s because you’re not the only one who lives through unbelievable stories in this world. There are many like us. And you'll be surprised at how similar your experiences are.

I don't believe in accidents.

As a matter of fact, I don't think it's an accident that you're reading this story right now. 


To my knowledge, the blue-eyed girl's tree is still in the same spot to this day. And for the record, there are other trees within that area that have stories of missing students attached to them. Of course, many will say that these are just stories. But then again, are they really?

As a disclaimer, not all Fae, elementals, or other-worldly beings are like that blue-eyed girl. I myself have been known to invite people to be my friends but none of them I have ever forced to agree with my request. As a matter of fact, that student in the story who is talking about God is someone I'm close to. She respects me and I respect her. That's how all relationships should be, after all. Whether they be family, friendship, or romantic. 

Mutual respect is always a requirement for any relationship to grow...

And this is very true especially with the supernatural or paranormal. 

Good night and sweet dreams. There are more stories to come. Hopefully, there won’t be any young girls with deep blue eyes in your dreams tonight that is similar to the lass here in my story.


For now.

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