Chapter 3


I woke up as the sun rays made their way in to my room through the window making me groan at the light disturbing my sleep. I mean I only have a few days left before I am crowned as the king and I want to be able to enjoy the remaining days as best as I can. Once I become the Alpha King I am barely going to be able to sleep in late or do whatever I want. Yes, that's right, I am going to be crowned as the Alpha King soon. I am Colton Flynn Lawson the next inline Alpha King of the royal Midnight Moon pack. I am loved by everyone including my parents, family, friends and pack members. I am a part of the strongest pack in New York, we are located at the "Ferris Lake forest in Hamilton, New York". Our neighbouring pack is our biggest ally and the second largest and strongest pack in New York.

I completed my high school and then went for Alpha training that every next inline Alpha has to attend for two years and being the next inline king meant I had to work harder than the other Alpha's. I came back a few days ago after completing the training and I couldn't be happier because these two years have been the most difficult two years as I had to spend them away from my love Patrina. She is a very beautiful girl whom I have loved since my childhood and I want her to be my mate. I couldn't take over my responsibilities as the king as I had to wait for my mate. Patrina is the daughter of our pack's Beta, she is very kind, caring and strong. I want her to be my chosen queen if she doesn't turn out to be my mate.

I had a bit of trouble with my family as my parents don't approve of Patrina and the logic of a chosen queen but after a lot of discussions and objections from my end we came to a bargain that after Patrina's 18th birthday we would wait for a few months to see if either of us find our true mate. If we do not find our true mate before my cornation is scheduled then I will be able to choose Patrina as my queen. I just hope that Patrina is my true mate, I have a few days before we can find out if we are mates. Her birthday is this weekend and I can't wait for it.

To be honest no one is happy about my decision of being with Patrina, everyone, my parents, my baby sister Lavender and even both of my best friends, Dylan who is the next inline Alpha of the Crescent Moon pack and Stephen who is my Beta and best friend, he is also Patrina's brother still he is against us but I love her and I don't want to be with anyone else. Before I was involved with Patrina, I was attracted to Dylan's twin sister Darcy and I am going to be honest she is the most beautiful girl I have ever laid my eyes on. I feel like an invisible force pullls me towards her but she is not good enough to be my queen. She has the most beautiful she-wolf with unique voilet coloured eyes that captivates me, but as I said she is not fit to be my queen because she is not strong enough to be a queen. Being an Alpha female she had to be dominant and fierce but she is very kind hearted girl. She is loving, caring, smart and beautiful but I have never seen her strength in anything, she is always calm and her face holds a beautiful smile every time I see her.

Although, Dylan says she is good in fighting and she can be stronger than any other she-wolf if the time arises but I have never seen her strength so you can't fully believe what you hear because she is considered weak by her own parents and her pack doesn't respect or care whether she exists or not. Even after being treated invisible by her parents and her pack she never fights back so how can I believe she is strong if she can't fight for herself. So, I decided that irrespective of how much I am attracted to her I will not let myself fall for her and the only way to do that was to treat her the way others do. She has been invisible for me for as long as I can remember.

Then, I became friends with Patrina and slowly I fell in love with her. I don't know why but my family and Dylan say that she is not good for me and that what I see in Patrina is only pretence. I think since they were not able to make me change my mind they keep saying things so I can break up with Patrina, as if I am going to let that happen. The only thing that I want is to be Patrina's mate and if by any chance the Moon Goddess has taken away that chance from me then I don't want our mates to come in our lives till the coronation ceremony is over.

I pushed all the negative thoughts away from my head and thought about the things I want to do with Patrina. I am sure she is going to be a very good Luna Queen and mate for the pack and me. I remembered that I have to go buy a gift for her birthday, I will have to ask Dylan to go with me. About him, he is my best friend and the next inline Alpha of our neighbouring Cresent Moon pack like I mentioned earlier. He is two years younger than me but we have been best friends since we were kids, usually it is heard that Alpha's are best friend's with their Beta's. However, in my case we are definitely good friends but have completely different opinions because of his disapproval of my relaationship with his sister. He seems to have a interest in Darcy. Dylan discussed it with me, he said that Stephen keeps making Darcy uncomfortable because she is not comfortable around men. I understand his worry for his sister because I wouldn't want it for my sister too.

My wolf Alex, seems to be on a different track whenever we meet Darcy as he keeps mumbling words I can't quite seem to understand. He keeps howling and growling in my head when Darcy is around. He never does anything like that with Patrina though, I have been having a little trouble controlling my anger whenever I see Darcy speaking to any male wolf. As much as I try to ignore her my wolf tries to keep my attention on her. I know that wolves keep approaching her, she is an Alpha's daughter and they want to be able to take advantage of the situation to become powerful. The same thing happens with my baby sister Lavender and she tells me stories of how people approached her and Darcy, and how they turned them down all the time.

Somewhere in my heart I feel relief, when she tells me that Darcy has turned men down. I asked her why they turn everyone down, she said that both of them want to save themselves for their mate. They believe in the mate bond deeply and only want their mate to be their life partner. I believe in the mate bond too but I want it to only work if Patrina is my mate, I know that she the one who can help me lead the pack properly and help me forget about Darcy. I am very sure that as soon as I complete the mating process with Patrina everything is going to turn out in my favour only. I can't wait for the day when I will be able to make Patrina mine forever.

I was pulled out of my thoughts as someone knocked on the my bedroom door. I groaned as I knew who it was and before I could answer my baby sister barged into my room looking furious.

"What happened to you princess? Why are you looking so annoyed?" I asked as she cursed under her breath and glared at me

"Who does your girlfriend think she is? She came in to my room without my permission and took my dresses and jewellery. When I confronted her she showed me her bitchy attitude saying she is future Luna Queen and she can do whatever she wants" she looked very serious and her anger told me that it did happen. I sighed deeply feeling trapped

"Oh no! Lavender why are you making a fuss out of it and disturbing Colton? I said I was sorry you don't have to lie to him about me. I never said anything like that, baby you know I would never do that. It's just that she doesn't like me and she warned me to stay away from you" Patrina entered with tears in her eyes. I felt bad because she looked hurt and she was crying. I know Lavender doesn't like Patrina but I never thought she would do some thing as bad as lying to me. I really don't know what to do because my sister was angry and my love was crying

"Babe, stop crying okay? You shouldn't have taken anything without her permission, I told you that before as well. If you wanted something you could have told me and I would have got that for you. Lavender you don't have to be so angry and rude all the time with her. You know I love her, you could at least try and adjust with her" I addressed them both and when I spoke with my baby sister I spoke a little more sternly than required. She looked at me with disbelief as her eyes showed hurt and they immediately welled with tears. Shit I made her cry, I mentally face palmed myself as I tried to speak with her

"Right, it was stupid of me to expect you to believe me even after knowing that you would never go against your love. You know what I am going to adjust and I am going to move out as soon as my school is over. You don't have to do anything for me Alpha, thank you so much though for at least listening and yes you don't have to drop me off at school, I am going to drive my car, you are free from all my responsibilities" she said cutting me off as tears streamed down her eyes. I have never seen her like this ever before and I am remorseful but I know that she won't accept my apology but I still wanted to try

"Princess, listen to me. I am really sorry, I didn't mean to--" I started and she cut me off

"Let it be, I don't need your sorry, I mean everything I said and mark my words someday you are going to regret loving and trusting a person like her" she said glaring at me and Patrina

"I am sorry for interrupting your morning Alpha" she said turning and getting out of the room. I sighed deeply, I have never hurt my baby sister before. She always said that she doesn't like anyone touching her things and that is why she cleans her room herself. She would have never even thought of doing or saying anything like that if Patrina kept her hands to herself. I looked at her with a hard stare as she approached me while I got up to a sitting position on my bed

"Baby, I am sorry I never wanted to create any problem for you" she said looking at me sadly

"You would have never created a problem if you didn't touch her things without her permission. You know very well she is possessive of her things, she told you last time that she would not forgive a third time" I said and she looked down at the floor

"I am sorry" she mumbled

"Your sorry is not going to solve the problems between me and my sister. Listen, leave me alone for a while please. Let me get ready and I will drop you off to school" I said getting out of bed as she walked out of my bedroom closing the door behind her

'I always told you she is not the one for us' Alex, my wolf growled angrily

'Not again Alex, drop it for now' I replied and he scoffed retreating to the back of my mind. I made my way to the bathroom to shower and get ready for the day

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Bella Jersey
This was sadder that he would believe his sister would lie to him. Boy it’s gonna be fun being I that big olde castle by himself
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Bella Jersey
Just to point out a good king listens to everybody than makes his own decisions
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Bella Jersey
Cause Darcy is calm enough to get herself out of things she’s weak?! I guess walking in there listening to no one and everybody do things my ways cause I said so works GREAT. I hated that when I was a kid it makes you look even stupider when your an adult

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