Cole's First Love

"Coming to you live at Park Central Los Angeles, this is ANN Afternoon with Carie, and today, we have a special guest!" Announced the show's host, Carie Umber. 

The forty-year-old host pushed her hair back, giving a sly smile in front of the crowd. "Guess who it is?"

Screams could be heard from the audience. They came for the special episode of the famous afternoon talk show. 

"Ahhh! I love you, Cole!"

"Cole Adams!"

"Cole Adams!"

"Cole is the best!"

"Cole is so fucking sexy!"

"Calm down, girls! Calm down! Geez!" The host called the ladies' attention while grinning widely at the crowd. "I'll have him first before you do!"


"No! No, Carie! He is mine!"

Clearly, the screams from the surrounding ladies outroared the teasing of Carie Umber. She could not help but chuckle at their reactions. 

It was challenging to tame the surrounding excitement, but with the help of the production c

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Comments (18)
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Gay Callanta
exciting. I hope Cole ends up with Joan.
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Jocelyn Salmingo
I like the story line that's why I do not want to stop.Thank you author.
goodnovel comment avatar
I really like your stories esp the wright’s series. This one has a different feel to it and I honestly cannot put it down

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