Behind The Scenes

A month after Joan gave birth.

On a day without a caregiver, Cole alternately gave Robin and Mason a bath while Joan was resting after breastfeeding throughout the night. 

Cole came out from the bathroom with Mason, drying him on his crib. 

"Hey, buddy! You look so handsome! So much like me!" Remarked Cole. Seeing how Mason was stretching out his hands and turning red, he added, "Don't strain yourself, buddy. I know taking a bath feels so good."

He put on Mason's diaper and changed him into his blue overalls before giving his little guy a kiss on the head. 

After looking at Mason with a grin on his face, feeling triumphant with being able to bathe and change his twins on his own, he suddenly heard a loud fart. The familiar and distinct smell filled his nostrils. 

"Damn." The smile on his face easily disappeared when he realized that Mason had pooped right after taking a bath and putting on a new diaper and clothes.&


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Debbie Tupou
This was a lovely read. I liked both Cole and Chris but I am glad Joan fell for Cole. His character was one up compared to Chris. He definitely was resourceful and more romantic. He sure loved Joan Belle so much.
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Kamicicka Reid
i was a amazing book
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Kismet Star
Love the novel! Amazing writing and characters!!! Thank You Author!!!
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