“Are you Anzi?”

She leaped to her feet and reared up like a serpent about to strike, only to realize the voice belonged to none other than a pretty girl wearing a pale pink chiffon gown and bedecked in numerous small articles of silver and pearl. Loose blonde ringlets fell about her pale face, giving her an innocent yet womanly look, but the pale blue eyes that stared back at Anzi were more alarmed than sweet. Her hands were clasped and folded in front of her chest, and she stood half-turned away from when she had jumped in fright.

One of the harem girls. Anzi relaxed and made sure her relieved exhale was slow and silent. No need to reveal her agitated state this morning to anyone. “That’s me,” she said. “Are you the one His Excellency sent to see me?”

“No, but she’s fallen sick this morning, and all I know is that I’m to see you instead. I was hoping you could fill me in on what I’m to do.”

Anzi blinked. She hadn’t been told? Even if an emergency had arisen and they had hastily se
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Bella Jersey
Let’s just open that door and jump on through. I’m not sure if Kai is gonna like this teaching. I think he’d rather be her teacher
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Kaia D
I wondered the same thing. Lol. on both accounts
goodnovel comment avatar
Mana Sol
LOL we all could do with a touch up there I guess

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