Chapter 3

Zaden Grey (Zayn's father)

The next day, I woke up with my wife, shaking me and telling me to wake up.

Ring...ring... ring. I heard my phone.

I got up; kissed my wife's forehead and she hugged me. We are old but our love never dies.

My private investigator is the one calling. I answered the phone and waited for him to speak.

"Good Morning Sir, I already have the files and information that you need," He informed me.

"Come here to my office at 10. No excuses." I said firmly and hanged up.

"Did he got it?" Jadelyn asks.

"Yes, He will come here later. Come on let's eat breakfast and drink your medicine." I said. She got up and I hold her hand, heading downstairs.

After we ate, our maid informs us.

"Sir, He is here." The maid said and I nod

"Guide him in my office and bring some snacks also water," I ordered coldly.

"I want to come also," My wife said. I couldn't say no. She is the boss.


"Good morning Sir" He greeted and I nod.

"Have a seat,” I said and my wife and I sat in front of him.

"Here." He said, handing me the papers. I took the file and scanned my eyes through the paper.

Name: Aviana Kling Sailor

Age: 23

Sex: Female

Birth of place: New York City

Occupation: Cashier Registrar

Mother's name: Lisa Kling Sailor (died)

Occupation: Flight attendant

Father's name: Vincent Sailor (died)

Occupation: Pilot

Guardian: David Sailor

"She is the daughter of our employees who return our money hon." My wife said in shock.

"She is, that's why she looks very familiar like Lisa," I said.

"Her parents died when they are on vacation in Japan when the tsunami occurs. It is already planned that they are going to start a business but after the incident everything change," he said and I raised an eyebrow to continue.

"According to my investigation. Her bank account only has $200. She gave all her salary to her uncle. She tried to leave her house according to the police but she starves herself and got into hospital. All of the savings her parents save is in her uncle's account.  David Sailor, according to the neighbors she is being physically hit sometime and her second family always yell at her." He explained with sympathy in his voice.

"Oh my god!! Zaden you have to do something!!!!" My wife shouts with tears in her eyes. "Her parents are on vacation too. Oh god, poor girl." She added softly.

"Calm down," I said as I brush my hand at her back.

"Can we get her from her uncle? " I ask

"No, sir," He said, shaking negatively.

"But she is already at the legal age," I protests.

"Yeah, but what happened when she leaves got precaution to the police. They thought she has a mental illness but she wanted to escape the house." He said

"Anything else? I can do?" I said

"Money and arranged her with someone." He said

I got in mind is my son.


"Ok, I will think about it. Thank you for this. I call you when I already decided." I said

He bowed his head and left.

"Do you think Zayn will agree to this?" I asked her.

"No, but the girl is really kind and hardworking, Zayn likes that kind of girl." She said.

"Do you agree if I force him just to help the girl exchange of what did her parents do to us?"

"It's fine, I know she is perfect for him. Mother's know best,” She said happily.

"But how much money. We will give? " She asked while looking at the papers.

" I don't know $2 million. I think. I'll do what I can. When we are going to announce when her uncle agreed to it. We need to save her from there" I said.

"The dinner we can talk to him privately." She said and I nod.

I called our PI. to inform him that I came up with a decision and to come to our place if the contract is ready.


2 days later

"Sir, he is here,” Maid informed us.

"Send him in," I said curtly and our P.I entered with his suitcase

"Have a seat,” I said. He sat and gave me a contract for me to read it.

It says here that I will give him $2 million dollars if he agrees for the arranged marriage. It also said that it will remain private if anyone in the public knew this. I will press charges to him and collect all the money I gave.

"Ok, When can I meet him?" I asked, signing the papers.

"It is up to you Sir." He said.

"I will meet them tomorrow after dinner, be sure they are there if we came." I said, "Do you think they will accept it?" I added.

"I am 100% sure sir, David has addicted to gambling that's why his business never improves." He said and I smiled slightly

" Very well then, thank you for your good work. See you tomorrow I don't want any excuses or problems tomorrow. "

He nodded and left. I sat back on my swivel chair and someone barged in.

No more thinking I knew it is my wife.

"How's it?" She said.

"Let's wait what will happen tomorrow," I said simple and she nodded.

"Come on the food is waiting and you have to rest." She said.

We headed downstairs and ate. After a while, my wife shows me Lisa and Vincent Picture. Aviana really looks like her mother.

She also had the personality both of her mother and father.

I am very thankful that day when they immediately gave the suitcase with money to the lost and found office. A big client will not agree if we didn't pay them in cash.

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Shalini Vinodbabu
Please ensure you spend enough time to check grammar in your work. The story looks interesting but I get distracted with the amount of errors

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