Chapter 4

Aviana Sailor

I am already at work. I am thankful that the bruise in my cheek disappeared. I got early so I decided to eat. I will ask Autumn to join me.

The old pretty lady gave me yesterday the change that she forgot. I tried to deny but she and her husband insisted so I decided to spend it buying data and we contacted our friend Azelea while Autumn and I are in our place (Citynightview), our favorite place. We asked her how was she and also her she asked us. I talked her a lot about for the past few days happen in my life and also the Leche flan that the pretty lady asked me.

She gave me the ingredients and how to make them; she said it is her favorite dessert there. We took our free time by listening to her jokes that lighten up our mood. We bid goodbyes, we said to take care of ourselves, and we love each other, and ended up in teary eyes.

I was walking and I saw Autumn. I smiled and said "Let's eat I made myself a sandwich we can share." with a smile on my face.

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"Sure, thanks again," she said and smiled at me.

She followed me through our area and started eating. I noticed the tears in her eyes

"What happened?" I asked softly while sounding nervous.

This is not good.

"Uhmm...I..a-am le-leaving the job. I am so-sorry Aviana." She sobbed "I fo-found some P.A job o-online last two days. I tried t-to apply and I didn't expect that they will a-accept me." She said, sadness evident in her voice.

I hugged her tightly and said it was ok. Deep inside I am hurting but it is her opportunity to have a comfortable life.

I let her go.

"Just promise me you will do your best. This is also your opportunity to have a comfortable life," I said and kissed her forehead.

"Aren't you mad or something?" She asked as I wipe her tears.

"I will not get mad. It hurts in my heart but this is your opportunity to have a new life and I will support you from the start until the end." I said with tears in our eyes


She smiled and hugged me tightly

"Thank you so much. I'll keep you updated." She said.

"You better be, where is your phone?" I asked.

She gave it to me and I took a selfie with the two of us.

"You are the best," she said while laughing.

I took also one on my phone and make it as wallpaper. I had a Samsung J5 and Autumn had an iPhone 4s, it is old but we bought them on our own money.

After we ate, I focused on my work; I met a lot of customers. I checked my phone and its already 5 pm. I can leave now.

I headed directly to my prison; I have nowhere else to go. I took a bus and after a little walk. I reach the house and saw a shining black limousine in front of our doorway.

When I entered the door. There, I saw my second family sitting and wearing decent clothes. In front of them is a two-man wearing suit and 3 bodyguards I think.

"How are you, my daughter? Did you work well" Molly ask and shot me a smiling glare to join her.

"It's fine," I said shortly, forcing a smile.

"Did you eat? Come meet our visitors Mr. Zaden Grey" she said and looked to the man.

When I followed her gaze. I saw the man who gave the change from the grocery last 3 days ago. My mouth fell open.

"U…uh… Yeah I ate. It was nice meeting you sir" I said with my head down.

After a while, Mr. Zaden spoke.

"It was really a nice deal. I hope no one will back out." He said and shakes my uncle's hand with a smirk on his face.

After some goodbye to each one another.

He turned his face with me and hugged me before he pulled out.

"You are going to get out here," he said darkly in success.

I didn't say anything cause I don't know what he meant about it. I didn't felt scared at all.


OH MY GOD. Something is not right.

After he leaves. We were back again being maid and boss.

I ran into my room to change cause I am going to start cleaning the house.

After I finished all of my chores. I lay back on to the floor and started staring at the ceiling until darkness consumed me.

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