Chapter 11

They were driving in silence. Savannah was frustrated with the situation right now. Her hot-headed boss just didn't want to hear things logically and instantly concluded whatever scenario came up to his mind.

Just like these people nowadays. Savannah unconsciously shook her head in concern, looking at the back of his seat with a disapproving gaze. Did he do that a lot?

Charlie was biting his lip worriedly, afraid that Mr. Hernandez may drop him off somewhere. The cat stayed at his lap, licking her own fur.

Mr. Hernandez was a businessman and a successful one at that. With this rash personality, she wondered if this did happen a lot. She knew that every work needed patience and precision.

He was driving at full speed, making Savannah grew worried but said nothing. He looked angry as he glared at nothing in front of him, seemingly focused on the job to drive.

A few moments later, they pulled up into a familiar area. The restauran
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