Part One Hundred Ninety Four - Can't Sleep

The woman was still trying to put her son to sleep while holding her, gently patting his son's ass to make her feel more comfortable in his arms. It's been almost 20 minutes, his son still hasn't closed his eyes making him feel a little tired, usually, Troye would fall asleep quickly but this time son doesn't seem to want to sleep.

Slowly, she put his son on the bed because Troye might be able to sleep when was laid down. "Come on baby... Sleep! It's night now, see your father has entered dreamland," said Reya, talking to his son who only played with his fingers.

"Already drinking milk, let's sleep, okay?!" she continued telling her son who was busy drinking his milk from the bottle.

After the bottled milk was finished, his son laughed to himself because was busy playing with his fingers again. Reya sighed resignedly, she was sure his son would not sleep until morning if it was like now, as a result, she also would

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