2. Snowy Day.

It was six in the morning when a girl walked through the empty streets of a small town in Alaska.

The weather was almost as cold as it ever been. Predictions were there might be a snowstorm arriving soon, she has to reach to the destination as soon as she can.

Covered in warm clothes, she tucked her scarf under her long fur coat...but her long red hair was let loose in the air.

The wind howled, piling up snow in drifts, blinding the night with ice-white dust.

The storm has arrived...Trees, posts, cowsheds loomed into her vision, then vanished, swallowed in white.

Breath pales against the numbing air, she blinked thoughtfully as the frost patiently kissed her face, captivated by the soft, dusty illusions of light that sat heavily on her eyelashes. She adored the snow, more so when it was falling.

She opened the lock and twisted the doorknob stepping inside the shop as she felt warmth around it.

The bakery was in one of those little stores in the run-down part of town. It looked like a shack with a hand-painted sign. But once you stepped inside you were greeted by the most enthusiastic baker with a smile as warm as his loaves. Each one was lovingly hands made in the Romanian style; heavy, dense, hearty and nutritious.

She was the baker in a small bakery and was the first person arriving there.

Wrapping an apron along with a baker's hat she went to the kitchen after she turned the heater a bit high.

Baking was her favourite...from beating the eggs to frosting a cake...she adored everything.

She baked some fresh loaves of bread, handmade biscuits, different kind of pastries and mouthwatering cakes.

Just some background songs playing on the radio, she was almost done with everything.

It was nine in the morning when three girls entered the bakery as the bell rang.

"Oh, she's here!" said a girl named Winter.

"Winter...dodon't you know she doesn't listen to anyone and how much she loves to bake," Lia said rolling her eyes.

"Too much winter for you, winter," Rosina chuckled lightly.

"That wasn't doesn't even make sense," Winter pursed her lips in a thin line.

"As if your name is!" Lia made fun of her as all three of them burst into laughter.

The aroma of fresh-baked bread and biscuits roamed around the bakery.

"She made biscuits today!" the three of them said together with eyes lit up in excitement.

Removing their coats and scarves, they went further on when a girl walked out holding a tray full of colourful pastries.

"Hey, guys. Try these biscuits..." she presented the tray full of fresh biscuits to them.

Picking the biscuits they filled their mouths with the biscuits.

"Mmm..." they moaned in pleasure chewing on the biscuits.

"Pidge! It's amazing!" Winter said merrily.

"The taste is different..." Lia spoke delightfully.

"Maybe its the coconut..." Rosina guessed and the wide smile on Pidge's face was priceless.

"What do you say? The customers will like it or not?"

"Why, yes."

"Of course, Pidge."

"It's not possible if they won't..."

The answers of all three of them were positive and it encouraged her to do more.

Pidge Rich, she is a young high school student who works at a bakery just to pay her upcoming college fees.

Living in a rented room...with an old lady she knows from her childhood, she has no family.

There is still a few months when the college starts, the semester she is taking is of spring...which is next year in January.

And it's still November...she can have savings.

"The storm is nearly over... Come on, Winter. Let's make coffee for us."

"And for the customers..." Pidge corrected.

A girl entered the bakery inhaling the fresh aroma of the fresh-baked breakfast and bakery items.

"Hello, welcome to Piehood."

The bright smile of Pidge made the mood of the female customer delighted when she smiled.

"Can I have hot coffee and a croissant?" asked the female customer.

"Of course," Pidge gave a nod as she poured the coffee in the plastic cup and wrapped a croissant on a butter paper and handed over to the girl along with a tissue.

"Do you mind if I...?" the female pointed towards the seat and Pidge answered, "Of course, please sit."

The radio played the news updates regarding the weather and it is said to be snowing heavily during the weekend.

"Another week and another storm," Winter spoke with shrugged shoulders.

The girls were tidying up the tables and arranging them when a couple barged in, shrugging the snow off their coats.

"Ohhh... it's freezing." said the woman rubbing her hands together.

"Two coffees, please," ordered the man as they walked towards the table.

After that, the customers began to come and the bakery was soon surrounded by people.

Some were the regular customers, comes only to have mouthwatering pastries by Pidge.

Others were there due to the cold and the only coffee shop was available down the road was Piehood.

"I'm so tired!" It was evening when Winter leaned back on the chair when Rosina taunted, "You didn't even work...kept on chatting with Gabe all the time."

"You don't say are the one who leaves all the customers as soon as Liam enters the bakery!"

"Enough, girls! Stop your tauntings at each other...the customers might be here," Pidge said showing eyes to both of them.

"Boys are fun...we should talk about them very often," Lia, the clever one winked towards her friends.

"Yeah right," Pidge rolled her eyes.

"Do not make a face, Pidge. This weekend we are taking you to meet a guy."

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Noelle Mounce
Confused does she own or work at the bakery? How exactly does she work/own/operate a bakery and go to school? Granted it's fiction but it should be credible.

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