6. Decorate Me.

On the verandah were plants that reached up past the cedar railings and branched out gleefully into the cold wind.

The pots were works of art in their own right. Everyone was a pleasing shape and glazed in the same vibrant shades of blue he accented his home with.

Some were like snapshots of midnight and ribbed like waves. Others were classically smooth, widening to a rimmed top, brilliant cyan glaze clinging to them like animal skin and dripping down the sides to add just the right dash of Chaos.

Dylan twisted the doorknob and pushed the door open.

As they went in she was amazed to see such a beautiful sight to behold.

It was a magnificent chalet made of glass, the interior was modern yet elegant.

"Wow!" she whistled unbelievably.

"You like it?" he asked and she rushed towards the glass window...the majestic view of the mountains and the snow couldn't describe in words.

In the living room, there was placed an undecorated Christmas tree.

"This is so amazing..." she said cheerfully.

"Is this the tree we have to decorate?" her eyes moved to stare the tree and he slightly nodded.

"Let's get started," said she.

Pidge was much more excited than Dylan. She took off her coat, the mittens and the beanie as the temperature inside the chalet was hot because of the heater.

They started decorating the tree, the candles surrounded by the glass windows of the living room.

He brought the wine from the kitchen and handed a glass to her.

It was nearly night when she said, "I should go..."

"At least, enjoy the sight a little."

"But your mother..." she was interrupted by his curious voice, "She will arrive tomorrow."

Pidge smiled sitting next to him, a glass of wine in her hand and eyes fixed to the glads window, the view outside was unbelievable.

"I never knew the city looks this beautiful..."

All the street lights shone in the dark night and slow snow falls on the ground giving a breathtaking view.

Dylan rested his hand on her shoulder and she for a bit hesitant...

"Are you comfortable?" he asked and she nodded blushing slightly.

"You look cute when you are nervous," this was a compliment he made for her.

The night was not getting any longer and she knew she was staying in there.

The place was cosy and comfortable...she liked it there.

"Thank you, Pidge..." he spoke quietly and she turned to look at him.

His eyes were deeper than the ocean...she could just get lost in them and never come back.

"You know I really like your dimpled smile," he spoke with honesty in his tone when she really just let out a dimpled smile.

He made the first move to reach out touching her rosy lips.

This made a spark of a current passed through her spine.

Next moment and he slowly reached to touch his lips with was just a light brush...a hint of what was coming next.

The environment suddenly got so hot...sweat quickly filled her palms and her heart was beating violently.

He pressed his sweet lips against hers and they kissed...gently feeling every inch of each other's pink lips.

It was slow and uncertain, then it turned into soft and smooth after it became plump and delicious finally taking its way to a growing rhythm.

"Hmm," he groaned reaching out to grab her waist as he pulled her closer.

"Hm," a small deeper moan answered back as he sat.

He moaned again pushing her head to the cushion. We and lewd sounds.

She could feel a passionate dance for dominance that he fucking dominated.

At last, they breathed heavily only because he pulled back.

"You are a good kisser..." he spoke heavily in breathing.

She blushed and could not help but smile. Her cheeks were turned hot so what she felt.

"His kiss is not at all the same as those movie stars, but one steeped in a passion that ignites. It is the promise of realness, of the primal desire that lives in us all. And with it, he tells me that he is awake, connected within, that he embraces himself rather than hide as a copy of those romantic idols."

"Woah, girl. Suddenly you are so good with words," the excited voice of Winter came through the phone.

It was early morning, the sun wasn't out yet but Pidge was awake.

She could not sleep the whole night...staring ag the handsome man who slept soundly next to her.

"Anyways, I have to go. Will talk tomorrow," Pidge said taking a look at the man who was asleep while she stands on the frozen marble floor trying to fight back the coldness.

"Wait! Where are you going? Now, that you have awakened me...I want to know the details!" Lia declared over the phone.

"I will come to the bakery, Lia. Don't be over-excited," Pidge answered letting out a low chuckle.

After disconnecting the line she went back to lie next to the man she spent the night with.

He was so good in bed...a perfect cuddler.

Spending a night with a guy and sleeping in the same bed doesn't mean that you have had sex...sometimes a little romance and cuddles are all you want.

As soon as she lays next to him, he groaned in sleep and pulled her close...his strong hand on her waist.

"Something tells me you are awake," she said in hushed tones.

"And something tells me that you haven't been sleeping all night," he answered back, eyes still closed.

His voice was deep and sexy.

It is said that a guy's sleepy voice is the sexiest thing you can ever see...guess no one is wrong in this.

"I was admiring you," she spoke playing with his lips.

"So, tell flaws," he opened his eyes, a little.

"No flaws...I would say," she said smiling.

"I don't believe you..."

"There must be something..." he uttered, changing his position to face her properly.

Then he reached out to held her legs and put them in his legs as he rubbed them together.

"This is my favourite part..." he said in his sleepy voice.

"Do you know what time is it?" she asked and he raised a brow saying, "middle of the night."

Clicking her tongue she answered, "Its six in the morning..."

"Too early for me...isn't it?" he spoke with a narrow brow.

"I have to get have some rest," she spoke trying to get up from the bed when he pulled her closer and whispered, "Don't leave just yet..."

It was eight in the morning when he finally let her go to the bakery after hours of cuddling and teasing.

Pidge reached to the bakery when all the girls were already serving the people.

"Girl, you have to make some biscuits! Hurry!" Rosina informed and she hurried to the kitchen.

It was five in the evening when Mrs Willow has informed them that she would be arriving.

Pidge was all the time thinking about the night she spent with Dylan.

He was a sweet and caring guy.

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