14. Blessings Of Elders.

Dylan reached to the bakery...his fashion sense was her favourite.

The way he dressed as if he was some sort of a magazine model.

No doubt the man was rich and handsome.

Any girl could drool over him...guess she was one lucky brat.

Pidge walked to him as she kissed him.

The three girls smiled at their soft romance.

"How are you, baby?" he asked softly and she answered, "Fine. You?"

"Perfect...I had the perfect last night..." his whispers were low.

"Okay, love birds. Enough with the whispering," Winter said in a taunting tone.

"What's with the long face, Winter?" Dylan asked walking forward, his hand grabbing the waist of his girlfriend.

"Oh, it's too much Winter..." Rosina interrupted.

"And yet she is heated up..." Lia completed the sentence.

Winter pursed her lips in a thin line speaking up, "You can have all the romance in the world...she might not be able to meet you in a few days..."

Dylan narrowed his dark eyebro
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