72. A Beautiful Ending.

*Six months later*

The wolf just shrugged his body when he licked his lips. Sniffling in the fresh air, he jumped on the rock and howled endlessly.

The darkness of the forest amazes him. It's been since he went to the monastery and did some meditation, his temper is now calm.

Maddox Dasher became more patient with his life. Spending every day in the company and nights with his som, Xylus he was busy in his life.

The only thing which makes him depress sometimes is his sleeping wife.

Its been six months and she is still resting inside the coffin, in the sunroom.

Conrard and Vlora had married and Crystal was happy.

Melvin and Travolta were expecting their first child together.

Debrah and Caden had joined the family business while Mambo was looking after the Czar pack.

Leticia took over the place of father Angelo as he was dead.

Witches say that he had a cardiac attack and lost his life.

Little Xylus was growing up and he now rec
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