9. Confession

"The man is planning something malicious. Send someone trustworthy to keep an eye on him." Raelynn ordered, her gaze cold and indifferent. Laurier could even sense her unhappiness from where he was and he looked at her wondering if she had found something.

"Did you get that vibe too?"

"Totally. He does not seem like a good man. There is something running in his mind and he approached us with some other intentions which I am unable to comprehend." Raeylnn answered, making sure to keep her voice as low as possible. The palace was not a secure place, especially when there were many who wanted to take over Eldrick's throne. So, she had to be careful about what she spoke even if it was something that meant no harm to anybody.

"He seems to be over-friendly at our first meeting and that is something not sitting well with me," Laurier added, his lips quirking up with a smile. 'As expected, Raelynn was not that easy to fool.'

Raelynn's thoughts evaporated when she remembered that she still had something important to discuss with him. She wanted to take slow but careful steps towards the man she liked and she found it better if she started with her plan soon. "I need to talk to you about something."

"Sure. Tell me." Laurier fixed his gaze on her, his face softening visibly. Raelynn smiled at him and her heart was about to leap out of her chest in joy. She could distinctly see the love the man had for her in his eyes.

"Not here. Let's go somewhere else." She replied and held his hand in hers and dragged him along with her to the stables where their horses were being kept.

"Where are we going?" Laurier enquired and he was pleasantly surprised seeing her enthusiastic face. He also stared at their hands as she dragged him with her and unknowingly a gentle and doting smile took over his face. He felt it to be the most blissful day of his life as the girl he liked was voluntarily holding his hand and he wished for the time to stand still so that he could hold her hand forever.

However, Laurier knew that it was impossible between him and her. If his intuitions and deductions were right, then Raelynn was not only a Commander. She was also the princess of the kingdom of Volar and Lord Eldrick's sister. Why would someone of high standing and such esteemed caliber consider being his woman when he was nothing but a Knight Commander? Although his father was the Baron, they were just insignificant people in the eyes of royalty who ruled over the kingdom.

"Hop on your horse. I will tell you everything once we reach the place." Raelynn said and took over her horse from the stable boy who seemed to be in his late teenage years. Raelynn smiled at him and this action of hers made the boy blush. Just like every other sane man, he too liked Raelynn. She was the most courageous woman he had ever met and her presence itself was enough to send him hyperventilating. 

Raelynn did not notice the boy's awkward behavior. But, that did not mean Laurier didn't. He had seen the way the boy's cheeks had turned red and Laurier could not help but chuckle lightly. He mounted on his horse and soon the two people left the kingdom.

This time too, Raelynn did not forget to smile and nod at the knights who were guarding the inner entrance gate and the guards too bowed at her in respect. Laurier did not speak a word and followed Raelynn silently. However, his eyebrows narrowed when he noticed that Raelynn had taken a deviation from the main path that led to their battalion. Instead, they were now galloping towards the only waterfalls in the kingdom.

Laurier wondered why Raelynn was taking him here. However, even after thinking for some time, he could not deduce the answer. So, he gave up eventually. 'I'll find out about it sooner or later.'

They traveled for quite some time in the direction they were heading towards. As they approached the waterfalls, the temperature around them reduced significantly and there was mist in the air. The sound of the water falling fell on their ears and it was like pleasant music to them, especially on a hot day like this. 

Raelynn looked back to see if Laurier was behind her and when she found him following her carefully, she sighed in relief and took a detour. Instead of going towards the front of the waterfalls, she was taking him to the top where not many people visited.

Raelynn wanted some privacy and she found this spot to be perfect for her to confess everything she had in mind. It did not take them much time to reach the top as it was not that steep. Raelynn stopped suddenly, making Laurier halt too and he got down from his horse. Seeing him get down, Raelynn too followed suit.

"What did you want to talk to me about?" Laurier came to the point directly as he was becoming restless as time passed by. He wanted to know what she had in mind and since the time she had held his hand, he could not stop thinking about her words. 

"Laurier, what do you think of me?" 

"What?" Raelynn's question stunned the man and he stared at her dumbfounded. He could not comprehend what had happened for her to behave this weird. She seemed to be her, but she seemed different. She looked nothing like the Raelynn he knew. There was uncertainty on her face as though she was not sure about herself. This was the first time he was seeing her this self-conscious and Laurier could not help but freeze in his spot.

"Laurier, what do you think of me as a woman?" Raelynn repeated her question and this time she made sure to make it more clear. She kept her eyes on him as she tried to see how the man would react. However, this made Laurier all the more perplexed. His mind had lost all its ability to think and he continued to gape at her.

Raelynn waited for his answer. But her patience was wearing thin, especially when she noticed that Laurier had become speechless. Although the situation was quite serious, she could not help but roll her eyes at him. "Laurier," She called him loudly making the man come out of his stupor.

"Ah, what?"

"You did not answer my question."

"That? You are an incredible woman Raelynn. You are strong, brave, and beautiful. You are also kind and gentle and a very good friend. But why are you asking me this?" Laurier returned her a question of his own as he was still unable to process where this was going.

Raelynn wanted to facepalm herself for Laurier's dense brain. She scolded him in her mind. 'Why are you unable to get what I want to tell you?' Taking a deep breath, she decided to try another way. "Laurier, would any man like me romantically? I am not like the other woman who dresses up to please her man or who stays at home to look after her family and whose world revolves around her husband and kids?" 

"Is everything fine with you, Raelynn?" Laurier asked hearing her absurd questions. The girl was behaving unusual and he could not help but feel something to be wrong. "Did someone say something?"

"No. Just answer my question. Would any man ever like me?"

"Why do you even have this doubt? Any man would be lucky to have you as his woman. You have no idea how many men out there dream about you and want you as their wife. It's just that they are cowards to approach you."

His words brought a small smile to her face. "In that case, if I confess my feelings to the man I like will he reciprocate it too?"

This time, her question shattered Laurier's heart. He had never expected this outcome and for a moment, he was rendered speechless. He had realized that he and Raelynn were a beautiful dream which would never become true long ago. But it still hurt his heart to find out that she had someone she liked.

Seeing Raelynn's anticipated gaze, the man put on a brave front and smiled at her. "Definitely Raelynn. The man would be a fool to not accept you. He should consider himself to have such an amazing girl in his life." He saw the look of relief on her face and his smile deepened, only that it was a smile filled with grief and helplessness. 

"In that case, what if I say that I like you?"

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