Skylar's POV

"Where's Hanna?" Juliette asked, stopping by my locker and making an emphasis by raising her brows a bit too high. "And Alexander?"

I never understood why she loved calling Alex by his full name. It seemed very formal for some reason.

"They skipped school to go on a morning date." I said –more like grumbled– as I pulled out my Calculus book.

Her nose scrunched up ever so slightly before a snicker escaped her lips. Juliette had been one of the students from the foreign exchange program few months ago. What surprised me, though, was that she had chosen to be my friend, instead of just fitting in with the popular group—she definitely had those looks.

"And why do you sound so angry about that?" She asked, tw

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Anette Henry
nice story
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what was in the disc. wish we knew more about why it was important
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Loved this story immensely
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