Chapter 9

"Run, run!" He urged as they sprinted. The ground beneath them shook as the entity chased them. The hair on Lukas' neck stiffened as he felt the creature coming closer. His hyperactive imagination began to form images to create a picture of their pursuer.

Ahead, he felt bad for Nurse Sala, who wasn't trained in these kinds of situation but fear made her quick and fast and it also gave her the strength to lift the man she was carrying. The entity let out another roar, urging them to run faster. Lukas turned once more, and just in time, the emergency lights activated to reveal its form.

A red carapaced monster with a pair of large horns, sharp talons for hands and hooved feet. Beneath its armor was a muscular body in brown or black. Its red eyes glowed red and its mouth possessed a quartet of sharp mandibles like that of an insect's.

It roared.

Far ahead, the door to the armory could be seen, a green light illuminated above it. The nurse ded
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