Rosie comes back to her senses and slowly moves her face to the side sobbing loudly. He chuckles seeing her and slowly holds her face and makes her look at him. "Please don't I don't want this anymore." She chokes out looking at him. He caresses her face with his index finger and slowly brushes off the tears. "I suddenly feel more possessive towards you; I can't see someone else touch you." He whispers leaning to her and kisses her temple resting his forehead on it. "I can't be your toy anymore please, I beg you it hurts when you treat me that way. When you ignored me like I don't exist sometimes it feels like I really don't exist." She says closing her eyes, melting to his touch. He says nothing and cups her face and kisses the side of her right eye and goes down to her lips and kisses it's corner.

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