The morning is dark and gloomy, Rosie couldn’t sleep at all. Her mind kept running back to the thought of Alex; how is he doing is the only question running through her mind. Ryan left for work not even paying a mind to her existence in the house. A part of her knows how wrong she is doing him, but she can’t help but think of Alex.

With her coffee cup in her hand she sits in front of the TV switching through channels, waiting to get some sort of update on his condition but there’s none. It’s getting really hard for her to not just run to the hospital and just for once see him, touch him, feel him and be there for him in this battle he is fighting with life and death.

Suddenly her phone rings, she quickly gets off the couch managing to spill coffee all over the carpet. Without giving it any care she runs inside the bedroom and grabs her phone and picks it up. “Hello!” She breathes heavily trying to calm down. “Hell

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Rupasree Sengupta
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